Life Plan Make Your Plan

What is a Life Plan?

And why should you care now?

Now’s the time to start deciding WHAT you want for your life, and that’s where the life plan comes in. It’ll help you take better care of yourself and set goals. And, most important, it’ll help you understand how pregnancy will affect your goals.

Life Plan
Life Plan Make Your Plan
Life Plan Make Your Plan

Make Your Plan

Making a plan is the quickest way to getting what you want out of life. If you can think it, you can do it. When it comes to friends, school, sex, family, work-what do you want?

Your teen years are a great time in your life-you have lots of fun things going on and a world of possibilities lies ahead of you! As you discover what is in store, and figure out what kind of person you want to be, you know you will be faced with many choices.

Check out the MY LIFE MY PLAN self-guided planner. This plan can help you make healthy decisions along the way. Get yourself on track for life your way. Get ready for what’s next!

Build Your Plan