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What is the Preconception Peer Educator program?

The Preconception Peer Educator (PPE) program is a DE state program supported by the DHMIC in collaboration with DPH. The PPE program was originally a national initiative supported by the Office of Minority Health. The program educates young women and men about the importance of one’s current health, and the impact of choices made both now and in the future. These young adults are given tools to educate their peers and others about the importance of preconception health, as well as advocate for and raise awareness of the maternal/infant health crisis.

A woman sharing the idea of preconception health as part of the Preconception Peer Educator (PPE) program.

Why should I become a Preconception Peer Educator?

As a Preconception Peer Educator (PPE), you can help raise awareness about infant mortality. When people learn from their peers and become educated, they’re taking the first step toward personal growth and development and contributing to a world of positive change. For instance, women who learn to make healthy choices typically encourage their friends to do the same. In turn, those friends share with other friends, and before you know it, an entire community has been inspired to heal and make healthier choices. Soon after a community is healed and educated, a town, a state, and finally a nation will follow. The goal is to have healed, happy, and protected communities.

Why you and change is essential

These videos will educate you on the issues we are currently facing and why change is a must.

The Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking

The girl effect is about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, and their communities.

DHMIC Consumer Voice

Black women discuss their health journeys, feelings of being disregarded by their providers, & Black maternal health-related complications during pregnancy and postpartum.

Our vision

Our vision for Delaware is to have a PPE program at every college and university statewide. Learn more about the National PPE Program through the Office of Minority Health.

Learn more

Learn about the 5 steps to start a Delaware PPE program.

Peer educator teaching a student as part of the Preconception Peer Educator (PPE) program.

The PPE program aims to:

  • reach the college population with targeted health messages emphasizing preconception health and care
  • train college and graduate students as peer educators
  • arm peer educators with tools to train their peers in college and the community at large
A checklist for a Life Plan

What’s your next step? Complete a life plan!

Before becoming a PPE the first step is to create your own life plan! Creating a life plan helps you consider your personal goals in life and make a clear plan around your goals for the future. Take your next step today. Visit the My Life. My Plan. Program page for you and create your life plan.

Preconception Peer Educator Training

Want to become a PPE? Review the pre-training checklist to become a Peer Educator, complete, and return to your program administrator. The checklist includes access links to all information needed.

Download Pre-Training Checklist

Want more information?

See our PowerPoint on training and certificate requirements.

Download Training and Certificate Requirements

Additional resources

Below are resources that can help.

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

Call or text 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262). 24/7, free, confidential hotline for pregnant and new moms. Available in English and Spanish.  

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call or text 988 to be connected to a local Lifeline response center.

PPE Pre-Training Checklist

Want to become a PPE? Review the pre-training checklist to become a Peer Educator, complete, and return to your program administrator. The checklist includes access links to all information needed.

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